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Gathering together is not just a Sunday morning thing.
"And all who believed were together and had all things in common." Acts 2:44

At Christ-Reconciled Church, we believe and act on the truth that the church is the body of Christ. We cannot take time off, because a body needs all its parts working together in order to function properly; therefore we are always on mission, always making time to gather together, and always praying for and building up one another.

Make much of Jesus

All of history has been and will be about Jesus, even until His glorious return and forevermore into eternity. We are driven by a passionate desire to see people know, love, and be like Jesus, so they can know the greatest satisfaction by enjoying Him now and joining us in worshipping Him in His presence forever.

Serve our Neighbors

Our hope is that through the power of the Holy Spirit, we will love and serve our neighbors as Jesus loves and serves us, and as they see His love in us, our neighbors will be drawn to Christ and His glorious gospel.

Live like Missionaries

God has called every believer to go into the world make disciples, teaching them all that Jesus has taught us. We don't believe that the Great Commission comes with downtime, but rather it requires urgency. We hope to foster lives that are constantly seeking and doing the will of God.

Share Meals Together

Jesus often ate with His disciples and the people to whom He was ministering. Following His example, we take breaking bread together VERY seriously. Every Sunday, we share food with one another after our Sunday morning gathering. We also eat with each other throughout the week, sometimes at restaurants, on our lunch breaks, or in our homes. Spending time together over a meal has brought us together as a family.

Meeting Times

Sunday Morning Worship
Building up the Body of Christ

Though our Sunday morning worship services don't always start exactly at their listed time of 10:30am, we don't mind because we believe that church starts when the body of Christ gathers together. When we do start the service, we sing Gospel-centered songs, sit under Biblical teaching, and respond to the Holy Spirit's moving among us.

Every Sunday we share lunch together, provided by our members, because we have found that eating together makes us like family.

Sunday Night Bible Reading
Letting God SPeak for Himself

Every week at 5:00P.M. we gather to read the Bible and discuss it. There is no planned teaching, but rather we have open conversation where questions are encouraged. By reading straight through books of the Bible at 3 or 4 chapters a week, we get the thrilling opportunity to read the whole Bible aloud as a church.

Community Groups
Becoming Family

Community groups are the heart of CRC. Though our small groups have the freedom to address specific topics, most groups focus on digging deeper into the sermon from the previous Sunday morning, spending time in prayer, and building close relationships with one another.

Prayer Nights &
Worship Nights
Focusing on and Responding to God

Every quarter we set aside our normal Sunday evening schedule to participate in either an extended period of prayer or worship. CRC has prayed for God to move in very specific ways, and He has proven Himself faithful at each Prayer Night. Worship Nights take on many forms, but always provide us with an opportunity to sing the truth of the gospel!