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Expository Preaching

At CRC, we value letting the Bible speak for itself. That is why most of our time is spent teaching straight through books of the Bible without skipping over difficult or controversial passages. We try to maintain a focus on keeping the Holy Spirit-inspired words in context. Previous sermons can be found on our SoundCloud page or by subscribing to our podcast.

CRC Podcast


Gospel-Focused Worship

Acoustic-driven, folk music; louder rock music; or soft, intimate worship led by a single voice are some of the styles of music you may encounter at CRC. But whatever the style, you can be assured that we will be singing songs that focus our attention on the glory of Jesus and declare the truth of the gospel. The link below will direct you to a selection of songs you might hear at CRC. You can listen using Spotify or Apple Music.

Apple Music Playlist

Social Media


Realm is CRC's personal social Media site. This is where we post announcements, sign-up sheets, and have groups for various bands and community group to communicate between meetings. If you would like to join The City, talk to an Elder, Deacon, or Community Group Leader!



Do you want to become a bona fide member of Christ-Reconciled Church? We would love to talk to you about membership. Every few months, we hold a new members’ class, where we will discuss who we are as a church and what makes us who we are, what we believe and how that impacts what we do, and who you are and where your passions lie.

After going through the new members’ class, you will sit down and talk with one of the elders so we can answer any remaining questions you have and hear your testimony to verify that you meet the qualifications of membership. Are you curious about what the qualifications of membership are? You can learn a lot by reading through our membership covenant.